For Mind and Body
  • Lemon essential oil can be used in the treatment of acne and to correct greasy skin. It can brighten the appearance of the complexion and is useful for hand and nail care.

  • Added to a diffuser, Lemon essential oil may limit the duration and severity of the symptoms of minor colds. 

  • When feeling fatigued or struggling to stay on task, Lemon essential oil may promote an atmosphere that helps combat these feelings.

In Your Home
  • Enjoy the cleansing properties of Lemon essential oil while reducing the toxins in your home by creating a surface cleaner by adding 40 drops Lemon essential oil and 20 drops Tea Tree essential oil to a 500mL glass spray bottle. Mix with a tablespoon of white vinegar and top with water.  Shake vigorously before each use.  Ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.  

  • If you leave your clothes too long in the washing machine before drying on the line or clothes horse, add a drop or two of Lemon essential oil for a fresh aroma.

  • A cloth with 5 - 10 drops Lemon essential oil will help spruce up silverware or polish jewellery.

  • Remove sticky residue from surfaces using 2 - 3 drops lemon essential oil applied to a damp cloth.