Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses

For Mind and Body
  • Diffuse Eucalyptus essential oil to help promote clear breathing with its expectorant and decongestant qualities and distinct camphoraceous aroma. Also helpful for muscular aches and pains associated with  coughs or muscle over use.

  • Diffuse Eucalyptus's clear fragrance to promote an atmosphere that may stimulate the mind, aid in concentration and promote clear thinking while supporting deep breaths

  • For emotional support diffusing Eucalyptus essential oil can help to clear negative thoughts and open up a harmonious energy with its invigorating aroma 

In Your Home
  • Enjoy the cleansing properties of Eucalyptus essential oil and create a surface spray to clean bench tops, tables, and bathroom surfaces

  • Inhibit mould growth and use Eucalyptus essential oil in your vacuum cleaner, to clean tiles, baths and showers